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I have teamed up with my friend, Kristen Penhall, who is a farmer in Langley BC. She is also a beekeeper, a yoga instructor, and a creator. I have created two brand new colouring pages for her food bank donations project! She has turned her farm into a food bank donation farm and there are perks depending on what tier you choose. I was thrilled when Kristen asked me if I could make a perk to go along with her vision of what she was wanting for her farm. It is for a great cause, plus you'd be supporting our small businesses. Please visit to learn and find out more about 'bringing the farmers market to the food bank'.


1 colouring page is available within the $25 donation tier, the 2 colouring pages together are perks starting at the $40 donation tier and going up. Currently, these sheets are only available for this food bank project. The different tiers are located on Kristen's website

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